Gregorian Chant

For all our liturgical worship, we have retained the use of Gregorian chant and the Latin language. For centuries the Church has expressed her love for her Lord in Gregorian Chant, "which springs from the depths of the soul where faith dwells and charity burns" (Pope Paul VI). Far from being a museum piece or relegated to dusty tomes, Gregorian chant is a school of prayer, a source of beauty and truth, and a powerful means of raising the heart and mind to God.


Gregorian Chant by the Benedictines of St. Cecilia's Abbey

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Corpus Christiin honour of the Holy Eucharist: chant from the Masses of Maundy Thursday and Corpus Christi, Benediction chants, hymns for Solemnity of Corpus Christi
-Pange lingua
-Te laudamus Domine

Gaudete selections from the liturgical year
Gaudete in Domino
-Te saeculorum Principem

Magnificat – Chants from the Masses of the Assumption and the Immaculate Conception, and Litany of Our Lady
-Ave Maria

Cantus Ecclesiae selections from the liturgical year: Gloria laus, Tantum ergo, and other Gregorian favourites
-Kyrie 8
-Salve Regina

Easter Liturgy
-Salve festa dies
-Alleluia Pascha nostrum