In early times, the daily Chapter was a traditional feature of the monastic timetable. The monks left church at the end of the office of Prime and processed to a room near by, where a portion, or "chapter," of the Rule was read and the abbot commented upon it. It was also the natural occasion for announcements to be made affecting the life of the community and for a blessing to be given upon the day's work. Soon the room itself came to be called "the Chapter Room, or House" or simply "Chapter." Even today some form of this practice exists in many monasteries, including our own. Each month this page will feature a chapter talk given to the Community, as well as news and features. We hope you will visit us regularly.

  » Missus Est 2017
» The Rosary and the Rule
» Vigilanti Studio
» Holy Week and Easter: He Loved to the End
» Ash Wednesday 2017
» Being Pleasing to God
» The Open Heart of Mary
» Feast of St Andrew
» Prayer for the grace of a happy death
» The Prayer of Dedication and Monastic Life
» Tranfiguration: Reflecting the Glory of Christ
» July 11: Benedict XVI on Benedict
» Relationship with Christ
» The Sacred Heart
» Plenteous Redemption: St. Mary Magdalene and Psalm 129
» Ash Wednesday 2016
» New Year 2016: Opening the Heart
» Christmas 2015: The Woman Clothed with the Sun
» Advent 2015: Fear Not
» Seeing in Advent
» St Cecilia
» Collect 29th Week of the Year
» The Good Shepherd: Another Golden Jubilee
» Clothing of a Novice, 8 September 2015
» Assumption of Our Lady
» Solemn Profession Homily: July 2015
» Our Father July 2015
» Homily for Ascension Day 2015
» Thirsting into the Fullness of Christ.
» Recent Clothing of a Novice, 19 Mar 2015
» Walking with God: A Golden Jubilee
» Ash Wednesday 2015
» Today
» The Silence of Mary
» Salus – Healing in the Rule of St Benedict
» Saint Gertrude and Saint Mechtilde
» Talk for the Clothing of a Novice
» The Monastic Habit: Clothing, Creation and Covenant
» Homily for a Priestly Silver Jubilee (2)
» What a joy to be a priest: Homily for a Silver Jubilee (1)
» Exaltation of the Holy Cross 2014
» Transfiguration
» St Gregory the Great and Prayer
» The Blessed Trinity and Monastic Life
» The Exsultet
» Confession: Making Peace with God
» Ash Wednesday 2014
» Feast of Presentation 2014
» Silence is Your Praise
» 1 January 2014: Mary, the Unique One
» Monastic Voices: St Aelred
» Monastic Voices: Guerric of Igny
» An Advent Hymn
» Solemn Profession Homily
» The Church, Holy and Harlot
» The Dream of the Rood: Exaltation of the Holy Cross
» Silver Jubilee Homily, 14 September
» Continual Prayer
» Martha, Mary and Lazarus
» Pope Emeritus Benedict on St Benedict
» Clothing talk, 14 May
» Pentecost
» Resurrection: From Emptiness to Fullness
» The Seven Last Words of Christ
» St Scholastica, Old Age and Prayer
» Ash Wednesday 2013
» Work and Prayer
» One Spirit, One Faith
» 1 January: Mary, Mother of God
» Christmas: A Feast of Baptism
» Second Sunday of Advent
» St Cecilia
» Spiritual Motherhood
» Our Lady's Birthday 2012: The Faith of Abraham and Mary
» The Assumption of Our Lady: Death and Eternal Life
» Friendship with Christ: 9 July 2012
» The Call
» Homily 17 May 2012
» Ascension
» The Resurrection and Prayer
» Lent, Baptism and the Man Born Blind
» Ash Wednesday 2012
» 2 February 2012-The Presentation and Profession
» Solemn Profession Homily Epiphany 2012
» Advent
» Benedictine Holiness
» The Humanity of Christ
» Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross
» 18 August: Our Foundation Day
» Transfiguration: Christian Life and Prayer
» Our Lady of Providence and St Benedict
» SS Peter and Paul: Authority and Service in the Church
» The Holy Spirit and Prayer
» The Fourth Sunday of Easter, Good Shepherd Sunday, is traditionally a day of prayer for vocations.
» Resurrection and Life in the Heart of Christ
» The Theme of Unity in Holy Week
» Ash Wednesday 2011
» Touching Jesus with the Heart